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DMA-50 GPS/GSM Car Alarm System
DMA-50 car alarm and monitoring system is a high-tech safeguard device for protecting your vehicle. Based on advanced GSM and GPS technologies this product is intended for simultaneous satellite tracking and antitheft protection of moving objects.
System features:
  • Objects location using built-in GPS module;
  • On-line monitoring and ability to control of the car systems and elements remotely from the owner’s mobile phone;
  • Real-time position reports through GSM/GPRS;
  • Voice and/or SMS alerts in case of intrusion;
  • Ability to hear what’s happening inside the car;
  • On-board flash storage for positioning logging (“black box” feature).
DMA-50 picture Specification
Number of protected zones 5
Alarm button input 1
Programmed phone numbers 10
Connectivity GSM Data/GPRS
Operating voltage 15V (±30%)
Power consumption while standby 90mA
Power consumption while GSM is active 150mA
GPS receiver module 20 channel SiRF Star III
GSM module 900/1800/1900MHz, GPRS multi-slot class 10
Operating temperature -20°С ... +50°С
Humidity 0%...95%
Dimensions 120x80x30 mm