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Frequently asked questions
What makes DMA alarm systems different from DTK series trackers?
DMA-series car alarm system can function as full featured car alarm on vehicles with preinstalled immobilizers and central locking remote control. Although DTK trackers are simplified devices with a reduced set of functions designed for vehicle tracking systems.
How can I get DMA alarm system installed on my car?
It is highly recommended to have DMA-series devices installed at our dealers service stations.
My car is equipped with the CAN bus. Is it possible to install a DMA system on my car?
Such cars require special CAN bus signal converters to be used with DMA alarm systems. Please contact us for more details.
How can I program my system parameters?
To program or change the parameters of DMA, DST or DTK-series devices the Flasher utility program is used. Your device must be connected to computer USB or serial port using the programming cable.
How can I see my current vehicle location on the map?
You can display your current vehicle location using our free WEB-service. You have to setup your system to transmit the data using GPRS, as referred in the User manual. To visualize your car position online please enter your unique system ID to the form in the left part of the window and press the “Submit” button. You will see the map with last location points of your vehicle (up to 10 locations).
How to use my device with GPS-Trace Orange free GPS tracking service?
Just follow the step-by-step Registration guide to setup your Orange GPS-Trace account. You should also setup your DST or DTK-series device to transmit the data using Orange compatible GPRS mode, as referred in the User manual.
I want to track my company vehicles online. How could I do that?
For tracking several vehicles online simultaneously you have to purchase the Mapviewer operator’s console software. It requires each vehicle to be equipped with on-board DMA-5x or DTK series module and enables you to get event reports and be informed about status of your fleet.