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DTK-53 Automotive GPS Tracker
Multifunctional DTK-53 tracking device is a compact, durable and highly sensitive GPS tracking system which provides fast and reliable monitoring, tracking and control of your vehicle over the internet. Anytime you want to know the exact location of your vehicle, the DTK-53 GPS tracking device becomes an indispensable tool. With its powerfull feature set, you can easily receive comprehensive reports to more effectively manage your fleet.
System features:
  • Objects location using built-in GPS module;
  • GSM tracking facility while GPS data are not available;
  • On-line monitoring and ability to control of the car systems and elements remotely from the owner’s mobile phone;
  • Real-time position reports through GSM/GPRS;
  • Voice and/or SMS alerts in case of intrusion;
  • Plugged-in active microphone
  • On-board flash storage for positioning logging (“black box” feature);
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery;
  • Compatibility with Orange GPS-Trace free web-tracking service.
DTK-53 picture Specification
Number of protected zones 3
Number of controlled outputs 2
Programmed phone numbers 10
Connectivity GSM Data/GPRS
Operating voltage 15V (±30%)
Power consumption while standby 35mA
Power consumption while GSM is active 150mA
GPS receiver module 22 channel MTK engine
GSM module 900/1800/1900MHz, GPRS multi-slot class 10
Operating temperature -20°С ... +50°С
Humidity 0%...95%
Dimensions 75x57x28 mm