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DST-52 Stealth GPS Tracker
DST-52 is a compact, portable and durable GPS tracking and communications system which provides fast and reliable recovery of your car when it's stolen. Our stealth tracker makes this a reality with affordable on-demand tracking from any mobile or PC using web-based software. This tiny device can be easily tucked away inside the vehicle being tracked so no one knows it's there.
DST-52 sends the location messages according to the pre-defined schedule (for example once a day) so it is almost impossible to be found. No external wiring and “Stealth” mode make DST-52 GPS tracker virtually undetectable to thieves and scanning equipment. DST-52 unique timer design allows it to remain in deep-sleep mode all or most of the time ensuring that users get the most out of each power charge.
DST-52 Stealth could be deployed with a prepaid SIM card with no monthly recurring charges.
System features:
  • Objects location using built-in GPS module;
  • GSM tracking facility while GPS data are not available;
  • Internal position logging flash memory – up to 24 positions;
  • SMS or GPRS position reporting on cellular telephone;
  • Independent user-defined schedules of GPS position location and report transmission;
  • Remote setup using mobile phone;
  • Standby mode operation time on internal Li-Ion battery (no external power) – up to 1 year;
  • Compatibility with Orange GPS-Trace free web-tracking service;
  • Compatibility with Mapviewer supervisory console.
DST-52 Specification
Programmed phone numbers 4
GPS receiver module 20 channel SiRF Star III
GSM module 900/1800/1900MHz, GPRS multi-slot class 10
Operating voltage 15V (±30%)
Power consumption while standby 1mA
Power consumption while GSM is active 150mA
Operating temperature -20°С ... +50°С
Humidity 0%...95%
Dimensions 65x45x15 mm