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Fleet Monitoring Solutions
Want to use vehicle tracking to monitor just one car or about to track the fleet of hundreds of company vans or trucks? Whatever your business size, we can show you how fleet monitoring can increase your productivity, improve your customer service and make your life easier, whilst saving you time and money!
Mapviewer operator’s console software makes it possible to monitor several cars registered in the system at one map. This function is useful for companies need to control their fleet. This requires each vehicle to be equipped with on-board DMA-5x series car alarm that receives signal from a series of satellites and calculates its current geographical location, speed and direction. Acquired information is transmitted to the server via Internet (GPRS) in a user-defined interval.
AVL deployment scheme
You can see speed, distance and time of a current route. Position, speed and other vehicle data are updated periodically or on demand. Also you can see events report and can be well informed about each vehicle status. You will also be able to look back at historical data of where the vehicle has been, when it was there and how long it stayed there. Our advanced technology allows you to view the vehicle location data not only on your office PC, but also using your laptop or web-interface on your mobile phone. We offer real time vehicle location tracking, alarm monitoring and convenience safety features including door unlock, starter disable, speed monitoring and electronic night watchman.
You can also provide fast and reliable asset recovery in case of its theft using DST-52 Stealth GPS tracker. This system also can be used with operators’ console software, so you get the ability to view the vehicle location on the console map.
Our vehicle tracking systems can have a remarkable impact on your business. Efficient monitoring of your cars, trucks and other vehicles will keep you informed as to your fleet’s whereabouts, giving you the insight you need to enhance your competitive edge.