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Home Security Solutions
Many homeowners today live in density housing and strata blocks, which limits hardwired home security. Whether you rent, lease or in temporary housing, the DMA-39 Alarm System will provide the perfect solution in home security. It is based on Wireless GSM Communication network, so there is no need for telephone line, and provides the ultimate safety for your family and property.
This advanced generation product not only transmits full data from security and fire systems to central stations using the nationwide GSM cellular network but also could manage the execution units.
You can get standard sensors and the DMA-39 processing unit installed on the protected area. In the event of unauthorized intrusion the sensors send signal to the alarm panel, and the alarm panel sends an SMS message, as well as calls to pre-programmed phone numbers. Additionally, this system can be equipped with a kit of microphones to listen the protected premises.
DMA-39 deployment scheme
You can use the system as an emergency communication channel. Just connect any analogue telephone set to the RJ-12 terminal and use it as a simple mobile phone.
Also, it can be used as a backup system. If there is already an Alarm System installed you only need to link up the telephonic communicator of the main with ┬źDMA-39┬╗ and program it to automatic report by Contact ID protocol. From now on you will get all voice reports on your mobile phone.
Protect your home or office with our new DMA-39 wireless products that offer you all aspects of security, safety and connectivity in a single device and enjoy the luxuries of a top class alarm that will ensure your peace of mind and the security of your home or office.